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About Us

Overall Vision

The Weill Center for Metabolic Health is well-positioned to become a world-renowned leader for scientific discovery in translational and molecular discovery related to the pathogenesis and treatment of metabolic disease. Center members have an array of expertise ranging from medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology and biophysics, pathology and fundamental cell biology. A major purpose of the Weill Center for Metabolic Health is to connect our faculty to others with related and complementary interests on campus, across our institutional partner campuses and across the greater NYC region. As such, the Center will be a collaborative hub catalyzing research advances in pursuit of solving important problems in human health. 

Our members

Experts in their respective areas, the Center has 47 faculty members (20 PhDs, 18 MDs and 7 MD-PhDs) with Laura Alonso, M.D. serving as Director and Mingming Hao, Ph.D. as Executive Director. Center members currently enjoy >$72M in active funding from the NIH; funding sources include not only NIDDK, NCI, NHLBI, NIAID, NIAAA, NIMH, NICHD, NIAMS, NIGMS, NINDS, NHGRI and NIA, but also foundations such as the American Diabetes Association, JDRF, American Association for Cancer Research, NYSTEM, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Gray Foundation, Gates Foundation, Novartis, Pershing Square Foundation.

Our goals

To connect faculty across our institution and partner campuses to serve the NYC region as a catalyst for transformational team science and collaborative growth, and to nurture the intersection of clinical medicine and molecular research, bringing people together to tackle important real-world problems in metabolic health

Weill Cornell Medicine
Center for Metabolic Health
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